Search for missing Malaysian Airline plane MH370 enters Day 6

Image source: CBS news

Distraught relatives and friends wait anxiously for news regarding fate of Malaysian airline MH370 Boeing 777 which disappeared from radar and lost all contact from ground two hours after take-off from the Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur on way to Beijing.

The flight was carrying 239 people including 227 passengers and 12 crew members.

9 countries have joined in the search operation with 40 ships and 34 aircraft according to CTV news over sea and air space as authorities express puzzlement over the mysterious disappearance of the plane from the radar screens without any trace or clue regarding its whereabouts. Search teams have expanded the search area beyond the flight path to the strait of Malacca, the western coast of Malaysia. No trace, part or visual of the plane has been found as yet despite widespread efforts.

Lack of evidence and leads is further hampering rescue team efforts. The flight did not send a distress signal nor transmitted any signals detectable by radars which is confusing investigators. One possible explanation is the pilots had no time or were unable to send any distress signal because of sudden event or explosion or any catastrophic accident that engulfed the plane. The U.S military department however reports that it did not get any image of a mid air explosion on its spy satellites that cover the area. It may be mentioned that the plane was reportedly travelling at an altitude of 35,000 ft in relatively clear weather conditions.

According to Malaysian military establishments, the plane might have taken a u-turn on its path to reach back to Kuala Lumpur judging from their radar screening. No further information has been provided by authorities as they continue to look for any sign of the plane.

Possible hijacking, terrorist activity is also being investigated as researchers debate all possible reasons and leave all lines of thinking open. The blackbox or flight data recorder that measures all flight statistics, cockpit voice recording can possibly explain what happened on board the Boeing 777.The blackbox transmits signals that can be picked by nearby signal receiver devices that can be helpful in locating the exact position of the blackbox. However, the battery powering the blackbox runs out after a period of 30 days meaning that investigators have 30 days before the blackbox stops sending identification signals .

Boeing aircraft is notable for its good aviation record; this incident is one of its kind with its mystery and overwhelming lack of evidence.


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